First dishes

Baldo rice creamed with agricultural rum, limes, almonds and crunchy octopus


Ingredients for 4 persons

300g of Baldo rice
1,2l of vegetable broth
5cl of agricultural rum (J. Bally is the most used for the recipe)
1 lime
about 30g toasted sliced almonds
200g of cooked and cleaned large octopus
Grana Padano
extra virgin olive oil
40g of butter
2cl of whipped cream



Dry toast the rice in a saucepan, deglaze with the rum and continue cooking, adding the broth from time to time. After about 13 minutes, remove it from the stove and whisk adding lime, toasted almonds, Grana Padano, butter and whipped cream. Leave to rest for 3/4 minutes.
In the meantime, sauté the octopus previously cut into 1 / 1.5cm high cylinders with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. Serve the risotto “all’onda” in a bowl. Garnish with the well browned and crunchy slices of octopus.

by chef Alessandro Fumagalli