First dishes

Seafood risotto


Ingredients for 4 persons

240g of Carnaroli rice
300ml of fish broth
1 lobster (steamed)
1 octopus (vacuum-packed at low temperature at 95° C for 1.5h)
mussels and clams (steamed)
pulp of sea urchins
extra virgin olive oil
50g onion (marinated with tomato vinegar)
40g of Parmigiano Reggiano
30g of butter
fried and chopped parsley



Toast the rice. When the roasting is finished, start adding boiling broth. Follow the cooking carefully, tasting it many times to season with salt. Finally add the butter and stir over the heat off.

Dish composition

Place the rice in the center of the plate and garnish it with the previously cut and seared fish. Garnish with parsley and marinated onion fillets.

by chef Martina Caruso